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Pressure Cleaning Burwood

The exterior of your home is subject to numerous outdoor elements, just the same as your car. However, while most of us will regularly clean the car, why don’t we give any thought to doing the same for a thing that is worth fifty-plus times more?  Even if you regularly hose and scrub, a professional service from Express Pressure Cleaning Burwood will give you a much deeper clean in far less time. Here are just some of the benefits of what Express Pressure Cleaning Burwood can do for you:

  • Embedded dirt, grime, moss and mould can be a major contributor to slipping and falling on driveways and walkways, thus injuring yourself and others. A high pressure clean is highly effective in removing those contaminants, and peace of mind is restored.
  • Eyesore stains and grime can be removed, thus making your space fresher and more welcoming. However, removing grime that is acidic in nature will also stop surfaces becoming dull and damaged, thus saving you in repair and replacement costs in the future.
  • Thorough cleaning around the house entrances means decreasing the amount of grime carried into the interior by foot traffic, as well as the amount of spore-releasing moss and mould that is also in close proximity.
  • A thorough clean of paint work may mean that you don’t need a complete re-paint after all, thus savings you thousands of dollars. If the surfaces still need painting, the clean will lead to better paint adhesion. It’s a win-win.
  • Rubbish bins often smell really bad even when empty, and attract more than their fair share of flies, cockroaches and vermin. A high pressure clean inside and out will leave them “as new”.
  • The biggest predictor of where future graffiti will be sprayed is on surfaces where graffiti remains unremoved for a time. A quick response and a thorough clean will tell them to not waste their misguided efforts at your place.
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For a limited time only – Get your garbage bins cleaned and sanitized for $10.00 each , with every driveway clean. Offer expires 1/3/16.

Express Pressure Cleaning Burwood is equipped to take on any pressure cleaning jobs. Our services include:

  • Exterior House Services
  • Driveway Services
  • Pavers Services
  • Brickwork Services
  • Blinds, Awnings and Shade Sails
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fences

Our services are available in:

  • Burwood
  • Chadstone
  • Ashwood
  • Box Hill South
  • surrounding areas and more…

The team at Express Pressure Cleaning Burwood has great attention to detail in all their work and love what they do. There is is no job that is too large or small