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Why Pressure Clean

Why Pressure Clean

If you’re looking for a reliable pressure cleaning specialist that you can trust to deliver a quality service, then call Express Pressure Cleaning!

why exterior cleaning

House Exterior

The cleanliness of the exterior of your home or business can influence the way other people view your cleanliness.  At Express Pressure Cleaning we use the lowest pressure possible to achieve the desired results with damage.  We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the end product!


Periodic cleaning of concrete helps to extend the value, beauty and service life of the surface.  A pressure washer is the idea tool to clean and sanitize large concrete surfaces.


Mould and mildew build-up is an accident waiting to happen!  Pavers covered with a layer of mould or mildew can be very slippery and visually dire! Why risk you and your family’s safety when there is a simple and affordable solution?


Mould and mildew will continue to build up and cause grime on your brickwork making it look tired and dirty.  Who wants that?!


The build-up of mildew and fungus growth leaves your fence open to decay.  Replacing your fence can be very expensive.  Save it while you can and have it pressure cleaned today!

Blind, Awnings & Shade Sails

Keeping your blinds, awnings and shade sails clean of contaminants will ensure their longevity!

Retaining Walls

These require maintenance and pressure cleaning is the best way to keep them clean and maintain a proper appearance.

Driveway Cleaning

Does your brickwork look tired and dirty?  Damage from acid rain, bore water, mould and mildew, dirt and grime can make your brickwork look unsightly, why not let Express re-vamp it?